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Regular auditing the Active Directory is crucial for keeping safe and secure IT infrastructure. LepideAuditor for Active Directory centrally monitors AD in Real time and lets the admin know who is doing what, when and from where. All changes made at lower levels are captured with absolute information and users can comprehensively analyze these along with previous and after values. It tracks every action performed by user from start till the end and keeps taking regular snapshots. ?Restore from Tombstone? feature allows admin to roll back all changes made in AD when required. There is no time limit for keeping logs in a database. Inbuilt ?Explore Backup? feature allows adding previous database files stores in the root folder. Additionally, no old record is overwritten for years. The software allows implementing internal and external regulatory policies and thus the organization stays compliant. LiveFeed displays the live feeds of critical changes done currently in AD environment on the Dashboard. Seamless update of all changes made, keeps admin informed every second. Other than 70 predefined reports, users can generate specific reports based on defined objects, classes, operations and save them in CSV/PDF/MHT format or scheduled to be delivered automatically through email to the intended recipients at periodic intervals. The most used reports can be bookmarked in ?Favorites? section for quick access. The users can generate the reports specifically for working/non-working hours and browse them in three different views. Users can apply filters, sorting, search, or group by column to further analyze the auditing data. LAAD is also available in Trial version for 15 days. During this period, user can track AD and restore to any required state of last 4 days along with generating reports for last 15 days. In order to save any report, user must purchase licensed edition of LepideAuditor for Active Directory. For more information: www.lepide.com/active-directory-audit

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